By lack of space or supplies, fully live one’s passion or create art as much as we would want to can be difficult sometimes.

This is why the Village des Talents Créatifs includes a unique expression area in its 2 900 m² global space in Puget-sur-Argens (Var department area, only a few minutes away from Fréjus).

Welcome to our collaborative crafting space.


  • A 165 m² equipped crafting space, providing all artists and craftspersons with : machines, tools, hardware and the necessary space to safely complete an artistic project.
  • A space allowing creators, either amateurs or in a process of professionalization, to blossom and live their passion. This open craft space also offers to artists the possibility to be watched and admired by visitors.
  • A space of exchange and skills, of creation, of community. Altogether artists and craftspersons can share their experiences, their successes, their difficulties. Everyday life binds them together. The craft space becomes the heart of the community, an artistic platform enriched by exchanging and learning.

A 110m² of exhibit gallery at the heart of the Village, dedicated to artists, creators and to French savoir-faire. Here, each creation is bound to be exposed, enhanced and sold thanks to dynamic sellers and their work. It’s an opportunity for the artists and craftspersons to test their work, and even get paid for it.

Beautiful isn’t it ?

Moreover, it has plenty of advantages :

  • A network giving sense to each creation, because it’s included in a collaborative local dynamic: local craftsmen and women are not competing but are resourceful to one another and helping each other (skill handover, experience sharing, etc.).
  • Access to machines and tools giving the possibility to imagine, create and test! The togetherness allows the community to enjoy infrastructures and specific tools to which they probably wouldn’t have had access to on a personal level.
  • Training courses and working groups held all year long so that everyone can enlarge its skills: conferences and master-class are programmed during the whole year, giving tempo to artists villagers’ life.
« Je suis à fond !»
« Je suis à fond !»

Accès illimité à l’atelier de bricolage de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 17h + un espace dans la boutique expo

240€ TTC/mois – engagement 3 mois minimum + 13ème mois offert !
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« Je suis présent à mi-temps ! »
« Je suis présent à mi-temps ! »

Accès demi-journée de 9h à 12h ou de 14h à 17h à l’atelier de bricolage + un espace
dans la boutique expo

120€ TTC/mois – engagement 3 mois minimum + 13ème mois offert !
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« Je suis de passage ! »
« Je suis de passage ! »

Accès 2 demi-journées par semaine > de 9h à 12h ou de > 14h à 17h à l’atelier de bricolage
+ 1 objet dans l’espace boutique expo

50€ TTC /mois – engagement 3 mois minimum
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A la carte
« Je suis là en coup de vent ! »
« Je suis là en coup de vent ! »

Accès à la ½ journée ou à la journée

Tous les jours de la semaine, du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 17h

10€/heure - sans engagement
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