In France, we evaluate waste produced every year to around 300 million of tons. In our society, garbage is constantly growing, occurring air pollution, soil pollution but also water pollution. Recycling has become the keystone of environmental protection. Artists find in this matter a great source of inspiration. In the Village, they are presenting their creations around this theme.

3 artistic universes are worked upon :

  • Wood / Metal : Wooden toys, kitchen hardware, knick-knacks, furniture, ornaments, designed objects, lamps…
  • Ceramic : Tableware, vases, ornaments, lamps…
  • Paper / Fabric : Stationery, handbooks, jewelry, fabric work (scarf, clothes, handbag, clutch bag, cushion….)

Each universe includes an exhibition space for creations and a dedicated space for creating on the spot.

Exhibition space

This is the place where artists and regional craftsmen and women present their creations. Visitors can walk around through exhibits, contemplate lamps, everyday objects (kitchen hardware, tableware, stationery) all made mainly from recycled matters.

This is an exchanging favorable space between artists and visitors.It is meant to be an inspiring space which will increase curiosity and creativity for all visitors of the Village.

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Creation dedicated space

Visitors will have the chance to watch craftsmen work and artists create on the spot. Tabletops, storage, decors…everything will be in broad daylight for visitors. Each artist/craftsman will be able to show its working and creating style, and so will be able to test its skills against potential clients.

This is a real cultural space designed to nurture conviviality, open the mind and strongly increase inspiration.

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Complémentaire de l’atelier commun, La Galerie est un espace d’exposition ouvert à tous. Artisans et artistes régionaux y présenteront leurs œuvres et fabrications, l’espace étant pensé pour mettre en avant leur travail et leur inspiration.

En cohérence avec les valeurs portées par le Village des talents créatifs, la plupart des créations sont réalisées à partir de matériaux recyclés. Les visiteurs quant à eux pourront déambuler librement dans la Galerie, découvrir les créations, échanger avec les artistes et même acheter leur(s) pièce(s) coup de cœur.

Artiste à découvrir.

Artiste à découvrir.

Artiste à découvrir..

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