The Village des talents créatifs devotes a great amount of its space to store owners. All our traders offer exceptional products. All are committed to selling authentic products, organic when possible, seasonal and local, to encourage a healthy way of life.

Come and see for yourself creative and natural addresses within the Village !

Companies with quality based products, made in a good mood. Natural products, regional, ethical, conceived in traditional craftsmanship. Traders will put to your own benefit all the French savoir-faire on a daily basis.

On the spot you will be able to enjoy :

  • Woman hairdressing organic and natural hair color
  • Textile/furniture second hand store for babies and kids
  • Soaps and jumble house cleaning products
  • Natural and ethical cosmetics
  • Minerals (Crystal healing)

Also, a store will represent all French regions and its specialties, whether they are culinary, textiles or decorative. Each store owner offers made in France products. Why is the “fabriqué en France” label is so important to us ?

    • It guarantees local economy support

Farmers, producers, craftsmen and sellers of French regions need you! Buying local is participating in the good economic health of French cities, departmental and regional areas.

    • It preserves French employment

More production and stores in France than abroad means to ensure maintaining of a great amount of jobs in the country.

    • It limits environmental impact

Promoting local distribution networks means less transportation and so a smaller environmental impact.

    • It supports french « savoir-faire »

In France, gastronomy is DNA bound, as of fashion, craftsmanship, cosmetics. These are key elements of our cultural background. We must stand security for these unique savoir-faire.

    • It gives purchase back its sense

Educating customers, informing them about the source of the product, the way its made, allows them to consume differently.

These values reflect on you? Meet us in Puget-sur-Argens, in the Village des talents créatifs, local store owners are awaiting you to present their low price and high-quality products.

Vous souhaitez être commerçant au Village des talents créatifs ?  Contactez-nous !