This place will be open in 2019 !

Incorporated in a 4.5 hectares forest, the Green Village is located 3 km away from the Village des Talents Créatifs.

As a real awareness location, the Green Village is an exchange, therapeutic and based on permaculture space.

What are we going to find then in the Green Village?

  • permaculture : it means conceiving culture, creating one’s production, creating self-sufficient living spaces, friendly to environment and living things, from a local scale to bring out a location’s diversity.
  • Educational farm : during educational time or out of school, kids are welcomed, with an educational purpose, on a farm where animals are brought up and where plants are cultivated.
  • Spaces dedicated to reconnection practices with therapists and professionals of well-being: meditation, yoga, tree therapy (hugging trees), acupuncture, magnetism, bee therapy, sound therapy, massage etc.
  • Spaces dedicated to internships, animations, training courses free to use for all entrepreneurs for their working groups, meetings or outside training.

The green village is an authentic location with a positive impact where everybody will be able to revitalize itself in a space dedicated to peace and relaxation.

Why this Green Village?

Apart from getting involved for the regional area and for the country, we also have our planet at heart. This is why we are developing this initiative around a « green » space which will allow us to act, on our own scale, for the planet.

We are pursuing several goals :

  • Struggle against climate change: in this way we are preserving a forest producing oxygen and absorbing carbon.
  • Protect local ecosystem: we want to concord with local heritage and biodiversity.
  • Support local economy: we are highlighting local distribution networks, we give work to people from the local community and we pay them to the fairest price. Our fee policies are reasonnable and transparent.
  • Act for social inclusion: we wish to create bond, be active in social and solidarity economy (économique sociale et solidaire (ESS) and raise awareness on this matter for all the protagonists.
  • Support new sustainable economic models: new models must emerge. They have to contain values such as cohesion, conviviality, exchange, curiosity, solidarity and sharing!

Convinced by the necessity to create new sustainable economic models, the Green Village comes in completion of the Village des talents créatifs: a project located in an urban and industrial area completed by a natural green area.

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