Give yourself a break in a soft and well-being nest… You just landed in the Zen Village, the Zen space of the Village des talents créatifs.

Here, around 30 therapists invite you to take care of your body and mind and leads you in your process.

  • Do you feel anxious ? Tired ? Depressed ?
  • Do you have mood swings ? (Impulsivity, anger)
  • Are you on burn-out ?
  • Do you have issues to find meaning to your life ?
  • Do you want to stop smoking ?
  • Do you have marital issues ?
  • Do you suffer from addiction ? Eating disorder?
  • You are pregnant and want to prepare at best the birth of your child ?
  • Are you looking for alternative ways of healing ?
  • You came to the right place: there must be a practitioner to help you !

The Zen Village gather all the well-being specialists :

Psychologist, personal development coaching, chiropractor, magnetizer, bee therapist, fascia therapist, reflexologist, masseur, …

All these therapists are convinced that the alternative medicine they practice is complementary to traditional medicine. Then, they offer to help you find solutions and care that will relieve you and can last for an hour, a month, or all your life.

They have all the listening, comprehension, benevolence, love, cooling off skills that you can expect from them. Dare to come, make that step, don’t be afraid and take (back) control of your life, assisted by the practitioner you need!

All therapists welcome you up by appointment in the Zen Village.

Did you know ?

A Zen plant-covered terrace awaits you, a little piece of heaven, far from view, racket and everyday life trouble.

Vous souhaitez être thérapeute au Village des talents créatifs ?  Contactez-nous !